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Startup Stage 5


What is a startup stage 5?

Do you want to be the driver or the captain?

Building and maintaining a team is the most important thing now.

You are still not a corporate, but some actions might make it look like it's one. Just don't let some bad habits of those cripple in. 

Dashboards is a word you'll start hearing a lot. But what are the right metrics?

How do vision, plan and act for this year, three years and ten years? Exploitation or exploration are some of the decisions you'll consider.  


This is our last stage of service, and we want you to graduate in excellent shape!

There are many great team members out there that you can recruit, and, you will be fine!

Godspeed! 🚀 

Clients: many, depending on the industry 

Revenue: < 10M

What needs to grow: Team 

Save time and money doing what matters.


"Why do we need to hire another person for the marketing department? It's the second one this year...!"

"Why are the salespersons always going after the same accounts over and over?"

"Why can't we just have caps on the salesperson variable compensation? Let's make it more difficult to earn more than the boss...!"

"Let's make some more ads!"

"We are doing great! Oh... our competition also...!"

"Our sales meetings are a waste of time..."


Attract the right talent and diminish talent turnover.

Know and work for the metrics that grow the company and the business.

Know the right customer segments and predict ROI on marketing and sales efforts.

Capture demand and differentiate yourself in the market.

Identify what makes the deals move forward and enhance your sales team's productivity.


A couple months of work with XYZ Close can save you thousands of hours of labour and lots of money.
This is the stage at which you can generate generational wealth for you and for your family. 
Do what needs to be done and retire or have fun continuing to grow your company. 
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