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Startup Stage 4


What is a startup stage 4?

Your company starts to grow both in revenue and the team. You start to see similarities between your clients, and it's becoming more evident the value that an average customer can get from your solution.

That's when the systems start to be robust, metrics that can be used to forecast appear, and now you have to repeat more of what works, and matters.

It's the time to have a repeatable sales process, review the pricing model and invest in your own growth. 

Clients: B2B < 50 ; B2C < 500

Revenue: < 1M

What needs to grow: Founder

What brought you here won't take you from here. The truth is that your company will grow only as much as you can grow. That's right: You.


"The abc social platform is booming! Let's do that!"

"I don't get why we have soo many leads in one month and so few in another month..."

"The company is doing good, let's upgrade my personal car."

"Now is the time to recruit a superstar salesperson. (time-lapse forward) Why that is not working as planned...?"

"We have more deals on the pipeline but our conversion rate is dropping..."

"We are gaining more clients but we are also losing more... What's happening?".

"I want to get more revenue from the actual clients, but I don't know how..."


Find metrics that are predictable and influenceable to maximize your team's marketing and sales efforts.

Measure the value of your solution so you can adjust the price you charge for each customer segment. 

Have a clear path to onboard and guide your customer to receive the value of your solution. 

Build customer success as a profit centre and not as a cost centre.

A couple months of work with XYZ Close can save you thousands of hours of labour and lots of money.
A lot of companies get fuzzy at this stage, either because they spend money on something that doesn't matter or because the founders start to diverge from what makes the company grow. Don't do that. 
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