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Startup Stage 3

Generate revenue

What is a startup stage 3?

You already have some clients and revenue, but you're just starting. The company won't go far if it stays like this unless you're looking for a job. If that's not the case, you can continue reading. 

You have clients paying for what you supply. You see their pain, and you understand what you solve. We need to find more of that and communicate the solution in a way that's not sales-ish neither marketing-ish. It's just something solving a need.

And you have to deliver the ROI you've promised!

Clients: B2B < 10 ; B2C < 100

Revenue: < 250k

What needs to grow: Customer

The client is the priority. A lot of companies say this, but not a lot of customers. Be the exception.


The more you try to explain to prospects what's your offering the more they look confused.

You get a lot of interesting conversations. "Let's catch up in a few months".

You're trying to sell the solution to similar clients that you have but they don't convert. "If they are similar, why don't they buy?".

You haven't figured out yet if the pain you're solving is temporary pain or if it's a long-lasting need.

You're struggling to be a must-have instead of a nice-to-have.

You're finding the clients and some of them find you but the timing is not right one.

Clients don't get the value of your solution.

Your clients are not getting the ROI you've promised. (You need to act now!)


You can communicate the value of your solution to your grandmother.

Your clients can communicate the value of your solution to their grandmothers.

You can say to your client: "You're doing this right, but this that you're doing now will create X problem in the future".

Your clients are happy, measured by: they continue to pay and/or refer your services. 

A couple months of work with XYZ Close can save you thousands of hours of labour and lots of money.
Some startups kill their own success by killing their customers or by not allowing them to buy from them (yep... post-mortem they all get it... the problem is to understand this when you can still do something about it).
Don't kill your business.
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