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Startup Stage 1

Product - Problem fit

What is a startup stage 1?

You started with an idea and are now searching for a product-problem fit.

Product - Problem fit is when the problem to solve is known, but we don't know yet if the startup's solution will get any demand.

Probably you still don't have any clients, and what you must focus on now is to have a product that clients care about.

Clients: 0

Revenue: 0

What needs to grow: Product

The biggest problem is not recognising that there is one. Don't do that.


Hard to know what clients care about; assumptions are based on the founder or team experience, but no team can represent or knows all customer's pains.

You may find out what the customers are doing to solve the problem, but it's hard to figure out why they are using that solution.

It's hard to quantify how big the problem is and how valuable a solution is for the client.

You try to fix a problem that's not a problem for your customers. Maybe they would like it to be less of a burden, but the pain is not strong enough for them to pay to solve it. 


You focus on the desired jobs to be done by the client to meet their needs. 

You focus on overserved or underserved supply for the jobs the clients want to get done.

You get a draft of your solution's Return Vs Investment for prospective clients. Know if your solution is a "Vitamin" or a "Pain Killer".

Focus on the most challenging problem of the arena you are trying to enter. This will give customers something they value and keep you one step (or more) ahead of the Competition.

Working with XYZ Close can save you thousands of hours of labour and lots of money.
Most startups do stuff at this stage that doesn't matter. Don't do that.
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